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Version 2.5

Full support for 32 and 64-bit clients.

Covers all features of Oracle 10.1 to 11.2

Usability improvements and bugfixes

AlderPump is an award-winning GUI front-end to Oracle Data Pump - next generation facility to export and import Oracle database data. AlderPump is fully compatible and interchangeable with Oracle standard tools expdp and impdp.

AlderPump creates, launches, monitors and manages Oracle Data Pump jobs in real time allowing adjustment of their parameters on the fly. Job Creation Wizard covers 100% of DataPump features - even unavailable in Oracle utilities expdp and impdp.

Quick Task tabs allow launching standard jobs in seconds, while Detailed Tabs reveal access to every job parameter available. While jobs typically started from AlderPump itself, it also builds corresponding expdp or impdp command ready to be pasted to command line or a batch script.

File Manager deals with files on database server side allowing their viewing, deletion, renaming, and transfer between server and client computers - all from AlderPump GUI.

AlderPump boosts productivity in many ways

Quick start

It gets you going in minutes

Need to start export for tonight and have no time to learn how myriads of DataPump parameters work together? Use full-featured GUI wizard to create and launch jobs.

Manage files

Convenient and secure

DataPump operates on database-side files. Transfer and manage them with built-in File Manager without logging in to server machine.


Shows what's going on

Monitor and manage DataPump jobs no matter who and how created them - in real time.

Batch support

Helps automation

Scripting? AlderPump builds corresponding expdp/impdp command ready to be pasted into batch script as you work your way through Job Creation Wizard.

Fully compatible

100% Compatible

No worries about compatibility: AlderPump is fully compatible with expdp/impdp. And offers more...

Vewrsion independece

Works wherever you go

It doesn't matter what Oracle Client version is installed on your machine. AlderPump lets you work with features available on database where the jobs will run.

Real time monitoring and management

RTM Want a quick glance at what's going on with the jobs?

AlderPump monitors and manages Data Pump jobs no matter how they were created. Launch jobs using command line with expdp/impdp, from within OEM, or AlderPump running on another computer - and monitor their progress from your AlderPump console. See log messages as they get generated, check parameters, inspect worker processes, pause, resume, or cancel a job - all from your workstation.

There is no need to keep AlderPump open at all the time while job is running. Since work is performed on database server, any number of clients can monitor and control Data Pump jobs - from any workstation. AlderPump automatically detects and displays running jobs in real time.

Should a job run into space or performance problem, resolve the issue by dynamically adjusting its parameters. And while you're working on it, post message to job's log to prevent fellow DBAs from stepping on your toes.

Job Creation Wizard

JCW New to Data Pump, confused about how all these parameters work together?

Perhaps the most powerful AlderPump component, Job Creation Wizard greatly simplifies creation of jobs. It provides access to all Data Pump parameters, displays usage hints, and prevents errors by disabling invalid combinations of parameters. Consistency tab warns about incompatible use of options - we check about 150 combinations (and adding more in each release) to ensure jobs are launched smoothly. This feature alone saves hours of documentation reading and Internet browsing.

Internally Data Pump comes with flexible albeit extremely murky set of filters for specifying which objects should be processed. Command line utilities expdp and impdp simplify the picture by restricting available choices - at the cost of reduced functionality. AlderPump's "Object filters" tab does comprehensive job to expose all available filters and ensure they are valid for current combination of operation, mode, filter, and object type. But even with all these checks selecting objects correctly is a tough job. Objects Picker further simplifies the task by browsing database objects, types or tablespaces, and marking them for inclusion or exclusion.

The Wizard comes in two flavors. Lite version, available to all users, concentrates on quick tasks such as table export or schema import. It takes only few clicks to create and launch a job. Detailed tabs, available for registered users, reveal full potential of Oracle Data Pump allowing fine grained control on job creation.

Ever ran into situation when you've created similar job last month, but forgot its parameters? Sure you wrote them down, but that little scrap of paper is lost among zillions of others? DataPump parameters are not easy, once you've figured them right - save them to file for future use with AlderPump save/load job feature.

File Manager

V Ok, your export job has completed successfully. What now?

Being server-side component, Data Pump can only operate on files accessible by database server host. In order to manage result files DBA must be given FTP, SSH, or other access to the server's file system. This is not always safe from security perspective. AlderPump removes the barrier by providing GUI File Manager which allows handling of server side files while using built-in database machinery. Browse, rename, delete, view, upload and download server files without bothering your System or Security Administrators. And make the feature as secure as it needs to be by creating Oracle Directory objects and granting regular Oracle privileges.

Full functionality and compatibility


AlderPump is using same API as Oracle's expdp/impdp - which guarantees 100% compatibility and interchangeability. Feed files created by AlderPump to impdp, or use expdp files with AlderPump - there is no difference. Files get created and read by Oracle engine, we just issue controlling commands.

But there is more. Due to limited nature of command line, some features offered by DataPump API didn't make it to Oracle's expdp/impdp. All of them, however, are accessible from AlderPump. For example, AlderPump can separate tables and indexes into designated tablespaces during import 1. Or, load data into certain tables only - while with command line utilities it is all or nothing choice. Full list of AlderPump improvements can be found in AlderPump features section.

Command line generation and scripting

command line Ok, we get it. Bells and whistles are nice for one-off tasks, but what if job should be run in a script deep at night?. And us, seasoned DBAs, are not that much into these modern "GUI" colorings anyways.

There is still use of AlderPump in such situations: as you work clicking buttons and marking checkboxes, it builds corresponding expdp or impdp command on the fly. Whatever parameter gets modified, the change is immediately reflected on Command line tab ready to be copied into shell window or batch script. Thus you never get locked into exclusive use of AlderPump, there is always way out. AlderPump ensures that selected features are supported by command line tools and issues warnings otherwise.

Version independence

V In large mixed environments with various database versions - what should be version of Oracle client installed on your workstation?

To utilize Oracle 11g features, you must either install 11g binaries on your computer or launch shell window on server machine. This is not always available nor desirable from security perspective. AlderPump works on any computer hosting Oracle client supported by .NET. This way you always have access to features of the database you are working on, not features of your client software. And to be backwards compatible, there is "Compatibility" radio button on "Operation and mode" tab to warn about features unsupported by the target database.